Billboard sites can be booked for as long as you require. Please contact us for availability.

We require printing and installation costs up-front as well as the first month of site rental.

We accept direct debit, bank transfers and cheques. If you would like to use an alternative payment method, please contact us.

We have a preferred designer who can provide you with billboard designs at discounted rates, please get in touch if you would like a quote.

Installation time depends on a range of factors including print queue, weather conditions and equipment availability. We aim to install your billboard as quickly as possible once artwork is provided or signed off and usually have them up within two days once the billboard has been printed. Please let us know if you have a deadline and we can work with you to achieve it.

Preferred file format for final artwork is PDF. It is recommended that the artwork be designed at 300dpi 10% of the actual billboard size. So for example, a 6m x 3m billboard would be designed at 300dpi 60cm wide x 30cm high. No bleeds or crop marks are required and no special file setup is required for Triola billboards.

Yes, we can provide a customised marketing package to save you money and time depending on your requirements. Please contact us for more information.

We contract independent surveyors to obtain approximate daily traffic statistics.

A Triola is a three-sided revolving billboard allowing us to provide affordable and effective large outdoor advertising options. Each side is rotated every fifteen seconds.